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As many of you know, Moon Dog Shirt Co. is a small company that's been growing every year since we began in 1984. We hand make all of our shirts, one at a time, paying strict attention to detail for the best flow of the design on the fabric. Our shirts have matched pockets, yokes in the back with pleats, slits on the sides and coconut buttons.  The buttons are sewn on by hand--no pulling a string and the button falls off on our shirts.

This website is basically a "viewing space" for a small number of our more popular shirts. Richard and I sell our shirts at several arts and crafts festivals in Texas -- this is really the best way to see the large variety that we have -- between 50 - 100 different designs!  Many of our designs are limited in quantity.  We will soon be adding a new category called "Specialty" shirts  which are some of our best designs made even better.  Backs will be matched on some, also some fronts and the design will be placed on each sleeve for an even more outstanding shirt.

Moon Dog takes pride in the high quality of our tropical and novelty shirts. We are known for our craftsmanship, our large inventory of fabric designs and the excellent customer service we provide. We want you to love your shirt and perhaps tell your friends about us. We've never advertised and we have many repeat customers who have well over 20 of our shirts each.

You're welcome to check out a few of our designs and if you see anything you like, we would be happy to make one for you.  Just give us a call at 512-441-7863.

"Shirts with Attitude Since 1984"

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